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By Chad Hansen

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This formidable ebook offers a brand new interpretation of chinese language proposal guided either through a philosopher's feel of puzzle and through a legitimate philosophical idea of which means. That twin target, Hansen argues, calls for a unified translation concept. It needs to supply a unmarried coherent account of the problems that influenced either the lately untangled chinese language linguistic research and the normal moral-political disputes. Hansen's unified method uncovers a philosophical sophistication in Daoism that conventional bills have missed.

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It was used historically to distinguish men from women and freeholders from slaves. We castigate those inferiors as lacking in sufficient cognitive rational ability to deserve our elevated status. The historical track record of this unique conception of human dignity has not been as stellar from our present perspective as its remaining religious defenders pretend. It perhaps took a mind as unorthodox as Nietzsche to show us this Christian attitude as a sick moral psychology, a form of self-hate.

20 A DAOIST THEORY OF CHINESE THOUGHT both how our minds might work while conceptually identifying mind and body. It does not require a separate inner mental realm to parallel the natural physical realm. Rational and emotional outputs are equally physical responses to inputs. Trying this out on the classical Chinese philosophers, we get a model that explains the central position of daoway in Chinese philosophy. A dao is analogous to a program. Confucius viewed education as inputting the inherited ofaoguiding discourse of the sages.

The program works by stimulus-response but not necessarily simple-minded stimulus-response (see Dennett, 1981). We can imagine fine-tuning the response and making it as complicated as we think human behavior to be. Certainly, we would expect the model to include an account of thinking. It need not be an account of inner reflection on meanings or thoughts. It would instead amount to calculating and adjusting response to reflect the complex situation. Still we would not need the internalist, consciousnessbased view of thinking.

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