Download e-book for iPad: A Source Book of Advaita Vedanta by Eliot Deutsch, J. A. B. van Buitenen

By Eliot Deutsch, J. A. B. van Buitenen

ISBN-10: 0870221892

ISBN-13: 9780870221897

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Brahman's qualities enable it to create the world. 1-45 I (1-10). Arguments against the Samkhyans. II ( 11-17). iikas. III (18-27). Arguments against the Buddhist Realists. IV (28-32). Arguments against the Buddhist Idealists. V ( 33-36). Arguments against the J ainas. VI ( 37-41). Arguments against theists maintaining that God is only the efficient cause. VII ( 42-45). Arguments against the Paficaratra. 1-53 I ( 1-7). Ether springs from Brahman. II (8). Wind from Ether. III (9). Brahman cannot have originated.

He who sees the supreme Lord abiding equally in all beings, not perishing when they perish, he truly sees. XIII, 19 27) There are two spirits in this world: the perishable and the imperishable. The perishable is all beings and the imperishable is called K ii\;astha (the unchanging) . ottama) called the supreme Self, who, as the imperishable Lord, enters into the three worlds and sustains them. Since I transcend the perishable and am higher even than the imperishable, I am renowned in the world and in the Vedas as the highest Spirit.

He who knows the puru$a and prakrti together with its gm:ias, though in whatever state he may exist, he is not born again. Some by meditation see the Self in the self by the self; others by the yoga of discrimination, and still others by the yoga of action. Yet others, not knowing this but hearing it from others, honor it, and they too cross beyond death through their devotion to the scripture which they have heard. Whatever being is born, immovable or moving, know, 0 Arjuna, that it (arises) from the union of the field and the knower of the field.

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A Source Book of Advaita Vedanta by Eliot Deutsch, J. A. B. van Buitenen

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