A Thing Called Love by Marilyn Lee PDF

By Marilyn Lee

ISBN-10: 1419613472

ISBN-13: 9781419613470

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She clenched her hands into fists, as if to keep from hitting him. " He rose slowly and leaned across the desk to stare into her eyes. "You heard me. It wasn't your job to take bribes or to obstruct the law or to service your partner in a back alley on the time of the people who pay your salary. Your job, Detective, was protecting the citizens of The Valley, and keeping your partner alive. You failed miserably on both counts, didn't you? " She recoiled as if he'd struck her. For a moment, she stared at him, her mouth forming a small "o," her dark eyes wide.

He didn't want to. And he didn't like it, but they would print the info they'd gathered on corruption in the 8th. If that info implicated Jamie Hanna, it was her doing, not his. " Mike frowned. "You know she's going to claim innocence. " Mike grimaced. "Fine. " "No. " Mike paused in the process of rising from his seat. "You'll go? Why? " He knew his motive for choosing to go to the hospital himself wouldn't hold up under close scrutiny, but he was going anyway. " Mike subsided in his seat. " "I'm aware of that.

While I appreciate that, I can't make any promises. " "I control what goes into the editorial column," he corrected. " At the sound of movement behind him, he glanced back to the bed where Jamie Hanna still slept. She turned in her sleep. The light sheet covering her fell aside. The hospital gown, usually opened in the back, was opened down the front. He felt himself hardening as he got a tantalizing view of her large, nearly grapefruit sized breasts and of her dark hair-covered mound before, with a small sound of dismay, her friend rushed forward and pulled the sheet back over her.

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