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By Stephen Goldin

ISBN-10: 1452411387

ISBN-13: 9781452411385

A misplaced vintage of technological know-how fiction.

Birk Aaland is a political outcast from Earth's tyranny, and has been dwelling for years on a planet inhabited exclusively via robots, ever when you consider that his send crashed here.
Now one other send has crashed, and there's back a unmarried survivor—a lady who's eager to warn Earth of an alien invasion.
But Birk is completely proud of his present exile—until a accident intervenes, inflicting every one of them to think again their lives and their overall existence.

"The tale profits an emotionality that justifies calling Goldin an artist, no longer basically a writer." —Tom Easton, Analog Magazine

Originally released 1981 by way of Doubleday.

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The perfection of the spiritual world as well as the material world increases and progresses in the planets from Mercury on to Saturn or perhaps even beyond it (insofar as there are yet other planets), in a correct sequence of degrees in proportion to their distances from the Sun. (Theory of the Heavens, 300–2) In this free and limitless ethnocosmological speculation, Kant does not yet seem overly concerned with critically regulating the fictional dimension inherent in his philosophy. Despite the warning he places at the beginning of this third part of his Theory of the Heavens (“I am of the view that it would be a dishonor to the character of philosophy if one were to use it to maintain, in a kind of thoughtlessness, free excesses of wit with some apparent truth, even if one were to declare that this were merely an amusement” [295]), what gets him carried away is what he himself named “the freedom to invent” (295).

7 These cosmopolitans, the citizens of the cosmos that we are, will thus remain Earthlings, condemned to sharing the Earth among ourselves. And it is also on the Earth that we will have to deal with the question as to whether the human species, impossible to characterize in any way other than as a mass of Earthlings condemned to coexisting with one another, “is to be regarded as a good or bad race” (Anthropology, 237). If Kant thus seems determined to judge the Earthlings that we are in an intraterrestrial way, this is nonetheless a problem for him.

In fact, the new spaces can and must be conquered [genommen] by men. Oldstyle land- and sea-appropriations [Land- und Seenahmen], as known in the previous history of mankind, will be followed by new-style space-appropriations [Raumnahmen]. . Only he who dominates an earth that has become so tiny will be able to appropriate and to utilize [nehmen und nutzen] new spaces. Consequently, these immeasurable spaces also become potential battlefields [potentielle Kampfräume], and the domination of this earth hangs in the balance.

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