Robert E. Svoboda, Robert Beer's Aghora: at the left hand of God PDF

By Robert E. Svoboda, Robert Beer

ISBN-10: 0914732218

ISBN-13: 9780914732211

The Aghora trilogy were embraced world-wide for his or her frankness in broaching matters more often than not shunned and their facility for making the 'unseen' genuine. We input the realm of Vimalananda who teaches by means of tale and residing instance.

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35 He speaks of his faith in terms of a universal religion. 37 But the ardent desire of the prophet was not to be fulfilled [18] at the moment, nor to be accomplished in full measure in after ages. Though possessed of all the best elements that fitted it to be a world creed, Zoroastrianism has never shown any signs of becoming a universal religion. In the midst of the vicissitudes of fortune, it has been a national religion at best. Little short of a miracle has saved it from total extinction, and various causes have combined to reduce it to the narrowest limits today as the communal religion of a hundred and twenty-five thousand souls.

Zarathushtra uses the divine name variously as the metrical composition of the hymns requires. He employs the combinations Ahura Mazda and Mazda Ahura or the forms Ahura or Mazda respectively, designating God in all cases. In many instances the [31] terms Ahura and Mazda are used separately in a single strophe, the one at the opening and the other at the close with different exhortations and prayers to each, yet in both cases as applied to the Supreme Being. Ahura Mazda. Ahura Mazda is the Being par excellence.

Oldest in the universe. 2 He knows no elder, he has no equal. There is none to dispute 6. 10. his supremacy and contest his place. Nor is there one to struggle successfully with him for the mastery of 7. 7. the heavens. He is the first and foremost. He is the most perfect being. 3 He is the 8. 4. 7 He 9. 15. was, he is, and he will be the same transcendent being, moving all, yet moved by none. In the midst 10. 9. of the manifold changes wrought by him in the universe, the Lord God remains changeless and 11.

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