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Two batteries are connected to the DC BAT BUS via the Battery Charge Limiter (BCL). • Each battery has its own HOT BUS bar (engine/APU fire squib, ADIRS, CIDS, PRIM and SEC computers, slide warnings, parking brake, etc). • The third battery is dedicated to APU starting. 3 A340 Electrical System Distribution - abnormal configurations Generator failure If one generator fails, another will automatically take over : • If APU is operative, APU generator will take over. • If APU generator is not available, the same side, external generator will take over.

The master warning, master caution, autoland and sidestick priority lights. 16 A340 Flight Deck Layout Switching control panel Central pedestal In addition to the thrust levers and the engine control functions, the main features on the pedestal are the: - Multipurpose Control and Display Units (MCDU) for flight management functions and various other functions such as data link, maintenance, etc. - Radio Management Panels (RMP) for tuning all radio communications and the radio navigation as a back-up to the normal operation through the Flight Management and Guidance Computers (FMGC), - Electrical rudder trim, Multipurpose CDU ECAM control panel Multipurpose CDU Radio management panel Power levers Radio management panel Audio control panel Audio control panel Flood ACMS DFDR light print event Lighting control panel Radar Engine master ATC - Parking brake control, Engine start - Speedbrake and flap/slat control levers.

Stabilizer and rudder can be mechanically controlled. • Sidesticks are used to fly the aircraft in pitch and roll (and indirectly through turn coordination, in yaw). • Pilot inputs are interpreted by the EFCS computers for moving flight controls, as necessary to achieve the desired pilot commands. • The computers prevent from : - Excessive maneuvers - Exceedance of the safe flight envelope. 3 A340 Flight Controls - EFCS Computers Cockpit controls Electrical control of the main surfaces is achieved by two types of computers : Each pilot has a sidestick controller to exercise control of pitch and roll.

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