An Illustrated Introduction to Taoism: The Wisdom of the by Jean C. Cooper, Joseph A. Fitzgerals PDF

By Jean C. Cooper, Joseph A. Fitzgerals

ISBN-10: 1935493167

ISBN-13: 9781935493167

Containing 118 gorgeous colour illustrations, this gorgeous booklet offers an advent to Taoism, one of many nice non secular and philosophical events in chinese language concept. Incorporating choices from J.C. Coopers writings, it explores the concept that of the Tao (Way), the symbolism of Yin-Yang, and the concept of the prime Taoist sages. additionally integrated are sections on Taoist paintings, the symbolism of vegetation and animals, the Taoist backyard, and the connection of Taoism with Buddhism and Hinduism.

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Hocart, The Life-giving Myth (ed. Lord Raglan, published by Methuen, 1970). 17 Change and Uncertainty often met on the territory of Primitivity and, being well treated by him, determined to repay his kindness. They said, ‘All men have seven holes for seeing, hearing, eat17 The “primitive” in the Taoist sense is the man of wisdom and genius; he is what he is, quite naturally and inexplicably. ing, and breathing. Primivity alone has none of these. ”18 The full significance of simplicity, however, is not the attainment of temporal happiness and a certain character, although it fol18 Chuang Tzu VI, trans.

The one is inertia, contraction, condensation, retreat; the other expansion, dispersion, advance. But with their perpetual interaction each can, and does, give rise to its opposite. Birth from the feminine principle results in death and death gives rise to new life. Light, born of darkness, grows then fades into darkness again, from which the new dawn arises. The yin principle controls the cold, dark, northern, winter region and the western moon, while to the yang belongs the warm, light, southern, summer and the eastern sun.

It is accepted that the negative and positive powers can, and do, change places on different levels, such as the emotional plane in which the feminine aspect assumes the positive and the masculine becomes negative; change takes place from level to level, both upwards and downwards. We also see the give-and-take of the coincidence of opposites in the Many and the One; the One gives rise to the Many and the Many finally dissolves into the One; thesis gives rise to antithesis, each implying, requiring, and acting on the other until the final synthesis.

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An Illustrated Introduction to Taoism: The Wisdom of the Sages (Treasures of the World's Religions) by Jean C. Cooper, Joseph A. Fitzgerals

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