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By Shlomo Giora Shoham, Francis Rosenstiel

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An outstanding reproduction; superb in an both positive dw. relatively and strangely well-preserved; tight, brilliant, fresh and particularly sharp-cornered. ; 197 pages; Description: ix, 197 p. ; 23 cm. matters: Orwell, George (1903-1950) . Nineteen eighty-four --Congresses. Civilization, sleek --1950- --Congresses. Notes: contains index.

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The first two of these come from war, "united as in battle," the suffering that regenerates being contrasted with the luxury that corrupts (an idea that Hegel expressed when he presented war as the civic remedy for the selfish weaknesses of civil society). The myths of sacrifice and of breaking with the past derive, moreover, from the other powerful incentive to totalitarianism-hardship : amidst the ruins brought about by war or internal violence or an economic crisis, a strong savior is sought and people latch on to a few key ideas and mesmerizing images.

In Orwell's world of 1984 all history had been suppressed. The worst horror was collective amnesia. If we could see these contradictions as dilemmas rather than as contests of good with evil, and our present dangers as a historic predicament rather than the consequence of American or Russian or Japanese villainy, we might manage them better. If American television has the seeds of totalitarian menace-and it has-it is not because ABC, CBS, or NBC are a conspiracy. It is not because they purvey any more violence than we purvey ourselves or want to import from them.

While the United States of Latin America might have been just barely conceivable, the United States of Asia should have boggled the imagination. No matter. " The progenitors of the union of Europe were people of such noble intentions that the correctness of their aims was largely regarded as beyond question. Who could oppose the fraternal reconciliation of France and Germany? The conviction that the only way to keep the Europeans from fighting each other was to agglomerate them was sacrosanct, although some sceptics pointed out that that had already been provided for by an extracontinental arrangement called NATO.

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