Jeffrey M. Steele's Applied Finite Element Modeling (Mechanical Engineering PDF

By Jeffrey M. Steele

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ISBN-13: 9780824780487

Step by step advice during the phases of challenge definition, modeling, and answer. offers six instance difficulties, in addition to 9 industry-standard benchmark difficulties. Covers dynamic and thermal research, substructuring, and linear statics, and discusses the right way to calibrate the accuracy of finite

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One two- Model / 91 Optimized Gridwork 84 Elements High Element Density Near Hole Reduced Element Density away from Hole Case 2 gridwork. second case had the highest number of elements, the third case had equal accuracy when the elements were concentrated around the hole.

Transferred from the free-body diagram to the appropriate nodes Where there are distributed pressureand degrees of freedom. type forces, the distribution rniy be input directly, if the program will allow it, or the equivalent nodal forces must be calculated according to the rules given in Chapter 3. As mentioned above, when stresses near a location of applied force are of’interest, it may be necessary to use several layers of small elements in the area to get a reasonable resolution of the localized stresses.

This process of actually creating the finite element gridwork with boundary conditions and entering the data into the computer used to be a multistep procedure. First, the gridwork was laid out on paper; next, lists of the nodes, elements, and boundary conditions were prepared; the input data were either keypunched onto punch cards or entered into a data file; and check runs were made to look for coding and data input errors. With the use of 81 82 I Chapter 5 Finite computer graphics, interactive model generation, and solid modeling software, the process is streamlined.

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